Gal Tevet

"Minimal & Warm, Timeless & Elegant. Inspired by Music and Language structures."

  • Architect-Designer-Musician Gal Tevet heads his own Architecture and Design firm in Tel Aviv. Israel. Meantime, doing art direction for some of contemporary furniture brands and other Architecture and Design projects around the world.

    “My design is always guided by use of repetitive architectural elements in search of a new relationship between them. This idea is derived from a long in-depth analysis of entities in nature, in architecture and in music.

  • Repetition of elements and defined detailing creates warm and elegant results in design, and is always an attribute of the function we intended to create. Repetition in all my pieces is a tool, a very poetic one, because repeating of an element is always involved in change, like notes in a music scale, like leaves on a tree - all the same but each unique...”

    Tevet believes 'Form and Function Unite - they are indivisible and simultaneous'.